Monday, June 12, 2006

Mind's weired way of working

Our mind works so weirdly that sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand why it reacts in particular ways in certain situations. Though, I believe, as for every other happening there is a cause behind our mind’s peculiar act - a certain pre-conditioning so to say. As everybody probably observed that if your mind is deeply engrossed in some thoughts or if you are worried about or overjoyed over something your mind reacts to certain events differently than it would have responded in other times. Let me tell you one incident.
I was sitting in a park yesterday with my girlfriend – my hand over her shoulder. The omnipresent Security observed us. He came to us and told me quite offensively to pull out my hand from her shoulder. That made me angry. I had a verbal scuffle with that fellow. Now given that I am generally a cool guy who feels embarrassed in these situations, how come my mind had become so reactive! I was pondering over this. Finally, I got some clue. First, it happened once in the past. We were sitting closely which had attracted that bad unromantic so-called Security. At that time I didn’t say anything but the incident left residue anger in my mind I guess. Secondly, yesterday when we were enjoying each other’s company, some young trouble makers threw lewd comments towards us. My mind was silently thinking what the hell the Security was doing. Why the Security was not doing anything to stop those lads from vitiating the serenity of the park? So these dormant angers and hurt feelings leapt up in that occasion and verbalize themselves through me. There may be or must be other factors too which may have contributed to my eruption. This happens to every mind so many times everyday. The question is should our brain, intellect or logic allow our mind to respond based on its past experience, hurt-feeling or whatever. The answer is obviously no. If the mind is allowed to behave in this way it will almost always bring about unwanted results or put us into uncomfortable situations. We need sheer practice of filtering out the backlogs and emotions when reacting to any circumstance. This is no doubt hard to do but we can try.

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