Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Miserable Puppies...

Last weekend I came across a bunch of three small puppies beside our boundary wall. There was no trace of their mother, though! The puppies were visibly ill, immovable and sick. Bugs and pests found their body a good place to inhabit. I couldn’t have much to do for them except shifting them a little so that they got enough sunlight to keep themselves warm. Winter has already set in here the northern part of India. The season is equally troublesome to the poor people and the inferior animals. Anyway, I forgot the puppies’ presence altogether until when in the evening I heard their cries. I and my brother took the searchlight promptly and rushed only to discover that two puppies were lying the same way on the ground.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Elite Cinema

Yesterday I went to the New Market area of Kolkata with two of my friends.It's near Esplaned, the heart of Kolkata.Lots of theatres and cinema halls are located in this area.This is one of the busiest markets in Kolkata.Here is the picture of Elite cinema showing newly released Hindi movie Dhoom2.