Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bong Connection - Review

Anjan Dutta’s latest film The Bong Connection showed the life of software professional (SP) working in US very poorly. This is gross exaggeration of the reality. He put the character Apu (played by Parambrata) in all sort of troubles while in US. He showed that Apu was staying with an American in an apartment. This never happens to be the case. (Also not every American has a gay partner!).
The SP generally stays with the guys of the same company or the other company, but always with an Indian. After all, it’s highly unlikely that an American will share an apartment with an Indian. The way Apu is attacked by three people in broad daylight on a Texas road is hardly believable. Also the way the Bangladeshi taxi driver befriends Apu and introduces him to the bad world of drink and sex happens in rarest of the rare cases. It so happens that you meet Bengali fellow in US. But a Bengali family hardly fixes marriage of their daughter with an unknown guy. Also it was shown in couple of occasions that the US telephone system is very poor. It’s totally unbelievable. Actually the director wanted to show the life of a techie in US in very poor light in the film. That’s why he went too far.
The film will create great concerns in the minds of the parents whose sons/daughters are travelling onsite. The number of people travelling onshore regularly is not very less.
Also, I don’t understand why Sheela (Raima) does not come to see off Apu when he travels to US.
But Andy’s (Shayan) character is very well portrayed. Also the way things happen here in Kolkata, as shown in the film is very real and the message the director wanted to leave behind thru Andy’s parting dialog is very inspiring.

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