Monday, August 27, 2007

Unity is Weakness

Union or collection of people is a benefit and a bane. When many people come together and form a group for a common cause, it gives them the strength to fight against a strong opponent. But, unfortunately, these people use the collective potential for the wrong reasons.
Individuals, feeling empowered, use the power to harass, cause nuisance to other innocent people and society at large. Political parties which fight for the cause of the people, also fight with the people. Party workers do not bother to threat, attack and kill innocent people who do not come to their terms knowing well that they will be protected by the party-umbrella. Organized terrorist groups unleash death and destruction knowing well that the common people can hardly do anything. In cases when people engage in activities like travel in groups they often flout rules, harass their lonely fellow passengers, whose feeble protest can do nothing. People in groups forget their individuality, their value system, they give in to the groups’ pressure even for activities they would have considered wrong while alone.
But you can not live in solitude. People have to organize for good. Only the organized freedom fighters were able to free our country. Only the organized employees can fight for their rights. There is no doubt that one has to be part of a group to protect one’s interest and hence the group’s. But then the different groups fight with each other to prove their superiority over the other. Examples are different religious bodies.
So even after accepting the adage that Unity is Strength, I have to say Unity is Weakness too. Unity makes you go with the group even for wrong intensions. If you disobey, you are out of the group and you attract lot of trouble for you. Grouping leads to creation of rival groups and ensure the fight against each other.
A person who can harness the benefits of the unity is the one who knows when to register oneself with what group.

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