Friday, May 30, 2008

Topper’s Story…

The West Bengal Secondary examination result was out last Wednesday and as expected there were handfuls of students scoring close to 100 percent marks! As the board has stopped publishing toppers' list, the TV channels and newspapers have taken over the tasks themselves. If you happen to switch on your TV and tune in to some local 24X7 news channels on the big day you will definitely find the reporter interviewing the crème de la crème. And one of the common questions you would find being asked and answered is 'How long did you use to study?'

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Blame game in Indian Politics

The politics in Indian context (or may be elsewhere) is replete with blame game. As if the role of the opposition party is to oppose only –without considering its merit! Take the example of the opposition parties', namely BJP and the Left, attack on the UPA government over the rising inflation. The Consumer Price Index based inflation is rising due to various reasons and the causes of rising prices are not limited within the Indian border.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Saving Paper – learnt the hard way

I shifted my home recently. This is the first time I am changing my address in over three years. An integral part of it is packing my belongings. I just had a nightmarish experience while packing the papers – papers of all kinds – news paper, bills, printed papers, magazines etc. During my stay I have printed numerous documents at office and at home- from power point presentation to credit card statements. Then there are hundreds of Telegraphs and Outlooks dumped every day and week, respectively at the corner. Cable bill, Mobile bill, Credit card bill – and many other bills and documents stacked every nook and corner of my room. I needed to check whether the paper is relevant, confidential, required and hence whether to take it along or leave it. For example the purchase invoice of my Bluetooth headset needed a look for whether the warranty period is over or not. Literally I was sitting in the center of a galaxy of littered papers.