Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Blame game in Indian Politics

The politics in Indian context (or may be elsewhere) is replete with blame game. As if the role of the opposition party is to oppose only –without considering its merit! Take the example of the opposition parties', namely BJP and the Left, attack on the UPA government over the rising inflation. The Consumer Price Index based inflation is rising due to various reasons and the causes of rising prices are not limited within the Indian border.
Some of the causes attributed to this are the rising crude oil prices, draught in Australia reducing supply of wheat, destruction of paddy fields by the storm Sidr in Bangladesh and now by Nargis in Myanmar causing reduced supply of rice grains, America's increasing use of farmlands to produce corn for generating bio-fuel etc. And America crossly blames India and China's burgeoning middle class for their change of food habits! The inflation is not a problem of India alone. Many countries in the Asia Pacific and even in the West are fighting double digit inflation. The reasons for rising prices of staple food and vegetables are also attributed to hoarding and failure of Public Distribution System (PDS). It's also the view of some observers that India has neglected the Agricultural sector once it's become self-sufficient in food. Some are suggesting use of high yielding genetically modified (GM) seed to win over the looming food shortages.

But what ever be the reasons, it's everybody guess, how can the Central government be held solely responsible for this! The Left parties are protesting against the UPA for failure to control prices, the BJP and other lesser known parties had already observed nationwide strike in protest. They're using it as a tool to malign the Congress led UPA before the general election. The thing is if PDS failure is one of the causes of the inflation then how can the opposition parties heading the regional (read State) governments avoid responsibility? Same logic holds when it comes to increasing Agricultural produce.

Again take the case of recent terror attack in Jaipur. BJP which is in power in Rjasthan was one of the parties who attacked the UPA for failing to prevent terror attacks on other places like Hyderabad. But it is not vigilant enough to protect its own administered territory.

Instead of blaming the ruling party the opposition should work more closely with them whenever the nation faces any crisis. They should also shoulder the responsibility. They should give constructive suggestions, show alternative ways of solving the problem in hand rather than blatantly protesting to gain public attention with the election in mind. It is not that the public will watch the opposition with negativity if it cooperates to run the government. Rather it will show the electorate that even sitting in opposition, the parties are being responsible with the intention to facilitate good governance.

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