Monday, September 07, 2009

Unorganized Thought

...Belly dancing in a restaurant in the Delmar loop in St Louis...The pair of eyes in search of country men and women in the foreign land and the exuberance at the sight of an Indian girl and her mom coming to a nearby and cleaning and fight over who does what...The Best Buy, The Wall Mart and the the Pete's grocery and the free U-Pass for the metro link, Umang's party...Plan to visit NY and Niagara, Labor day holiday, assignment to submit on Tuesday, Option & Future quiz on Tuesday...need to go to Laundry, the sudden remembrance of a past relationship and the gush!....painting in MS Paint...Soul of Chameli.mp3 in Windows Media Player....Have to be someone important...I am the God in the making....who am I? The guitar! ........... ............ ............ the unknown pain....and the aching muscle....the burning smell of the hairs of the hand... the chicken curry, the beautiful houses, the Forest park, the golf course, ... the beautiful lady seated in the front seat of the metro link train to Shrusbery....the chat in Skype....the free lunch at the Church....the cloudy sky, the drizzle, Walking on the Manchester avenue for 2 hours to Charter Office....the Oatmeal cookies.....the perfume...correlation, covariance, expected return, purchase analysis, the unfinished term paper...The Bud Light beer....the passing cars viewed from the balcony, Chat with a Orkut friend in Mumbai, calling friend in mind caught fire...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

THOUGHT - a wonderful tool in our disposal

I was watching a YouTube video of the noted philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthy giving a talk in Washington in 1985 or ’86. He was talking about thought and time, which are reasons behind our fear. I was ‘thinking’ over this and have discovered what a very important aspect of our life he was talking about –thought. Thought is the root of all our miseries and happiness, fear and courage, success and failure and every other duality we encounter in our life. What a tremendously powerful concept is this thought. Just imagine. It is the secret of everything. This is the Holy Grail. And it is inside us and in our control. The way you think the way you perceive all other experiences. If you want to be happy you will be. If you think you won’t think of past sorrows and other hurt-feelings you can do easily as long as you resolve not to think of it. You think you want to be successful, you focus all your actions towards your goal and eventually you become successful. You think you will look at this world in a particular way, and you see them as you wanted. It’s instant. It’s tangible. It’s obvious. Still we forget. When in deep sorrow, we run hither and thither to alleviate it, without realizing that the potion is within us.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Research – It’s mostly search!

A year and half back my friend got into a university for part-time research work in physics leading to Ph. D. I had the idea that those who do research in basic sciences generally strive to discover something new break-through technologies or processes. But to my surprise, I found that all she was doing was searching on the net for some already published papers on the same area and making some incremental modifications or adding just a bit of thought/point-of-view and coming out with a new paper of her own! I was very critical of her and even lambasted her for what she was doing.

Now in the second year of MBA, I am doing the same thing for my Term Paper (which is sort of a research paper) on a topic in the field of Economics. Even most of the regular Fellow Students here do the same – literature review, coming-out with some minor modifications and just writing the paper, more than 50% of which contains contents from already published papers. In other words, most of the research scholars hardly come up with any radical ideas. It seems only those in the World Bank, IMF and the equivalent institutes do something noteworthy.

Well, this might not be the right approach, but given the other constraints I realized that this is the prevalent practice in India and will continue.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarod Maestro Rajib Chakroborty’s Special Class on Creativity at IIM Calcutta

Last week the renowned Sarod player Rajib Chakroborty visited our campus to take a special class for the course Management, Culture and Creativity. He played a beautiful morning raga (jonpuri) to start with. Then we talked about how to cultivate creativity and how music can play a role to budding managers like us. What he told is listed below in brief.

The spirit of the past

I wonder how easily a person whom one knows for years suddenly becomes a creature of the other world! She lives a stone’s throw away from your house. She is just a call away. But you can not visit her. Your call won’t be responded. You can only imagine what she is up to. You pass by her house and your heart throbs faster and faster but you have to calm it down by all ways and means. You look for her glimpse among the crowd and you make mistakes after mistakes but you can not stop looking for her. You have volumes of feelings trying to reach her but you have no channel to carry them to. You try to say a thousand words to her but you end up telling them to yourself. Your brain wants to burst. Your eyes spill over. Your pent-up emotion billows like a thick smoke finding escape routes. But whatever you do you suddenly find that you can’t reach her – at least in a gentlemanly manner.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"Jai Ho" Jaipur

It was 7 in the evening. The Sun has already gone down behind the hills. But still there is light in the sky, Ah! That’s physics studied long back in school. A strong dust storm, which probably caused the power to go off an hour ago and the UPS-less-computers as well in the cybercafé where I was desperately searching for return tickets to Hyderabad on the refusing-to-open Indian Railways website, has resigned to a somewhat subdued wind spirals making scenic dust patterns on the dark roads. I walked purposelessly towards the Collectorate Circle, I discovered in the morning while looking for a pre-primary school on Meera marg. Quite-a-few busy fruit shops, ice-cream sellers and vehl-puri vendors lined up the Kabir marg side of the circle. I walked across the road and got on to the podium like structure full of large trees, symmetrically designed dry fountain pools and some tubular architectures - to be greeted by a few weight conscious evening-walkers, a lone Burkha clad woman sitting on a bench and a few children climbing up and down the pool walls. I got myself seated on a low marble wall to be mesmerized by the circling lights of the passing speeding cars and neon lights of numerous humorously named hotels around the place.

Monday, May 11, 2009

When a friend leaves...

Hmm...when a friend of many years snaps the sacred thread of friendship, it hurts. Yesterday I realized this while walking along the beautifully bedecked aisles of the NTR garden here in Hyderabad. It was a lazy day; I slept a lot after long time; didn't do anything laborious but still I felt exhausted, lifeless. Then I realized that I had lost a friend. Friends mean a lot to me. I can't make new friends easily. And hence, I do not wish to lose them easily either. It was a great setback. To give shape to my somber mood I took some snaps of faint lights, failing to illuminate the surroundings sufficiently. I like to show you a collage of those photos, here:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Finally it rained

I did not realize that it was raining – until I went to the bathroom. I had packed my old laptop into the similarly old suitcase and was almost ready to leave the cellar which apart from housing our office cabins also serves as a company warehouse. All my colleagues left long ago leaving me in the company of the ever-vigilant solitary security guard. To be honest, I sometimes enjoy this solitude – it not only helps me concentrate on the work; in the emptiness around me I can sense the presence of my soul mate – my inner self - comforting me, caring for me, criticizing me, congratulating me. You can best communicate with yourself when there is no one to communicate with!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Photos speak volumes...

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, hope your are doing good. I had had my "experience of a lifetime" yesterday at Ramoji Film City, here in Hyderabad. I took somewhere around hundred plus photos. But only two stood out, and I want to show you those couple. Here goes the first:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hyderabad : The City With a Hallowed History

It’s depressing. It’s depressing when I hear some of my friends boastfully declaring that they do not read other’s blogs! But I will be happy if at least a single sole read this piece, whatever shit it might be, and relate to my way of looking at things. Anyway, it’s not the craving for readers’ appreciation that enthuse me to write. Rather, it’s an inexplicable array of random thoughts engaged in Brownian motions inside my brain wanting expression and shape, which compels me to crouch over the keyboard.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Financial Crisis Could Hinder Innovation (based on an article by Joshua Gans in MIT Sloan Management Review)

Joshua Gans, professor of management (information economics) at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne expresses an important concern in his resent article titled "A Dearth of Exit Strategies" published in MIT Sloan Management Review – while governments across the globe are busy doling out stimulus packages to rescue corporate giants from the financial gutters they have fallen into, the small innovative technology start-ups are being left out in the lurch. This might have significant consequences in the longer term; say 10 to 20 years down the line. The crisis would cause slowing down of the economy, GDP plummeting a few percentage points, increase in un-employment etc but only for a couple of year or so. But if technological invention and breakthroughs, research and development slows down due to the downturn now it might wreck havoc in the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Security galore everywhere in Hyderabad

After the serial bombing here a couple of years back and as a precautionary measure in the aftermath of last year’s Mumbai terrorist attack, Hyderabad has beefed up its security in almost all public places. We had had a first hand experience of this (frenzied) frisking last Sunday as we visited some, somewhat famous tourist spots around Sikh Village (where we, the interns of IIM Calcutta and Lucknow are staying).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Check this Kitten

Click on the photo to display in actual size...

Photo Info: Individual photos taken on Sony Cybershot W35 camera on 26.03.2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tour de Vizag

Our decision making process, especially when it comes to choice of holiday destination, is interesting. I had most of the month of March as much coveted holiday after a grueling 10-month drill at IIM Calcutta! My brother, in his final year of engineering study, declared that he would be available (meaning no class) in the week starting 9th March, as there would be annual fest in Jadavpur University (which he never attends …err… I mean the fest!). My mother was ready to go on a trip. My father agreed after much prodding to accompany us but on the condition that the trip should not span across more than 2-3 days. So all set! After all, we traveled to any holiday destination together more than ten years back. The obvious thing now is the choice of destination. Here comes the interesting part of choice making. To be frank, I was searching for a destination, near enough to be explored within my dad's specified time limit and about which I can get information from my friends who visited them earlier. My maternal uncle advised us not to go north (meaning to the Himalayas) as we have to carry sweat shirts, jackets, mufflers etc (i.e. extra luggage). I proposed Puri in Orissa. My brother disagreed saying that it's too common a destination. Finally I remembered that one my friends went (with wife) to Vizag couple of months back. I called him up, got some feedback about the place, went to the website of Andhra Pradesh Tourism, collected complete info and finalized it (though with little hesitation whether it would be a family destination as opposed to a honeymoon locale!). Booking ticket, be it for Indian Railways or for airlines, now-a-days is very easy – we only have to have an internet connection, a bank account(with net backing facility)/credit or debit card and a printer! I booked rail tickets from IRCTC. I also booked the hotels and conducted tours from the AP Tourism office in Calcutta the following week. Everything went by without any frills!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kolkata Book Fair : Some photos and videos


Kolkata, the city of joy, is famous for its International Book Fair. This year it is happening in a new place off EM Bypass called Milan Mela. Four of us went today, not just to visit but with the purpose of interviewing some 'book-lovers', so to say for our Startegic Management project ( Sorry, can't divulge the details of the project). It's a wonderful experience! To see some photos and videos of us click on the Title above (You will be taken to Picasa).

Monday, January 26, 2009

60th Rupublic Day, Slumdog Millionaire and The White Tiger

The 60th Republic day is coming to a close. The day passed by without any major terrorist activities as anticipated.Kudos to the security personnel! But this is not the topic I want to write today - rather I will tell you how I spend the last 'once-in-5-weeks' free weekend after the mid-term exam. Err...don't worry, I am not going to bore you with minute details-rather I will discuss a little bit of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which I watched last Friday and the 2008 Booker winning book The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga, which I read during the long weekend.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Barddhaman Utsav 2009

See the picture. Does it seem a statue to you? No. It's a living person, entertaining the curious crowd all through the evening at the Utsav. Any comment? Though the person was portrayed as a embodiment of concentration, I felt sorry for the him. He was probably doing it to earn a living. What do you say?

For other pictures click on the titile of the post.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Krishna Sayar Utsav 2009

Here are few photos of Krishna Sayar Utsav held at Burdwan this year.(Click on the Title of the post)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

The new year has just arrived. People are partying in the Old Hostel Squad. Intermittent sound bytes of *JBS BaroC's performance are reaching my room. The city at the distance is celebrating the commencement (of the year) by bursting crackers. I generally do not like big parties. Rather I like to celebrate with a small gatherings of my close friends. Without the one at present, I preferred to write this blog to take a look back and ponder over some of the issues crossing my mind.