Thursday, March 26, 2009

Check this Kitten

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Photo Info: Individual photos taken on Sony Cybershot W35 camera on 26.03.2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tour de Vizag

Our decision making process, especially when it comes to choice of holiday destination, is interesting. I had most of the month of March as much coveted holiday after a grueling 10-month drill at IIM Calcutta! My brother, in his final year of engineering study, declared that he would be available (meaning no class) in the week starting 9th March, as there would be annual fest in Jadavpur University (which he never attends …err… I mean the fest!). My mother was ready to go on a trip. My father agreed after much prodding to accompany us but on the condition that the trip should not span across more than 2-3 days. So all set! After all, we traveled to any holiday destination together more than ten years back. The obvious thing now is the choice of destination. Here comes the interesting part of choice making. To be frank, I was searching for a destination, near enough to be explored within my dad's specified time limit and about which I can get information from my friends who visited them earlier. My maternal uncle advised us not to go north (meaning to the Himalayas) as we have to carry sweat shirts, jackets, mufflers etc (i.e. extra luggage). I proposed Puri in Orissa. My brother disagreed saying that it's too common a destination. Finally I remembered that one my friends went (with wife) to Vizag couple of months back. I called him up, got some feedback about the place, went to the website of Andhra Pradesh Tourism, collected complete info and finalized it (though with little hesitation whether it would be a family destination as opposed to a honeymoon locale!). Booking ticket, be it for Indian Railways or for airlines, now-a-days is very easy – we only have to have an internet connection, a bank account(with net backing facility)/credit or debit card and a printer! I booked rail tickets from IRCTC. I also booked the hotels and conducted tours from the AP Tourism office in Calcutta the following week. Everything went by without any frills!