Monday, May 11, 2009

When a friend leaves...

Hmm...when a friend of many years snaps the sacred thread of friendship, it hurts. Yesterday I realized this while walking along the beautifully bedecked aisles of the NTR garden here in Hyderabad. It was a lazy day; I slept a lot after long time; didn't do anything laborious but still I felt exhausted, lifeless. Then I realized that I had lost a friend. Friends mean a lot to me. I can't make new friends easily. And hence, I do not wish to lose them easily either. It was a great setback. To give shape to my somber mood I took some snaps of faint lights, failing to illuminate the surroundings sufficiently. I like to show you a collage of those photos, here:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Finally it rained

I did not realize that it was raining – until I went to the bathroom. I had packed my old laptop into the similarly old suitcase and was almost ready to leave the cellar which apart from housing our office cabins also serves as a company warehouse. All my colleagues left long ago leaving me in the company of the ever-vigilant solitary security guard. To be honest, I sometimes enjoy this solitude – it not only helps me concentrate on the work; in the emptiness around me I can sense the presence of my soul mate – my inner self - comforting me, caring for me, criticizing me, congratulating me. You can best communicate with yourself when there is no one to communicate with!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Photos speak volumes...

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, hope your are doing good. I had had my "experience of a lifetime" yesterday at Ramoji Film City, here in Hyderabad. I took somewhere around hundred plus photos. But only two stood out, and I want to show you those couple. Here goes the first: