Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Finally it rained

I did not realize that it was raining – until I went to the bathroom. I had packed my old laptop into the similarly old suitcase and was almost ready to leave the cellar which apart from housing our office cabins also serves as a company warehouse. All my colleagues left long ago leaving me in the company of the ever-vigilant solitary security guard. To be honest, I sometimes enjoy this solitude – it not only helps me concentrate on the work; in the emptiness around me I can sense the presence of my soul mate – my inner self - comforting me, caring for me, criticizing me, congratulating me. You can best communicate with yourself when there is no one to communicate with!

It was getting increasingly hotter day by day in Hyderabad. The temperature nudged past quite a few notches in the last couple of days. The thought of rain sent a sizzling spark across my spine. I rushed to the top, racing past the security guard to breathe in the smell of the soaked earth. Ah! The numerous tiny water balls coming from the dark heaven carried by the western wind were splashing across the street to be slashed by the incessant flow of the insensitive speeding vehicles. Though my physical body stopped short of touching the rain drops, my mind refused to. It freed itself from the clutch of my immobile mass of meaningless flesh and formed a shape of its own – just like a ghost appearing from Aladdin’s magic lamp! This eternal immortal spirit of mine, representing the subdued subjugated joy of the entire human race, started dancing to the tune of the raga, played by the thunderous clouds. The plaster-of-Paris-made bulky bosomed female figurines delighting the innumerable “nonsense” spectators with their sensual posture in the near-by film city joined me in with their intricate gyrating moves. As the boundless joy enveloped the entire earth and the trees got drunk, the shower sucked in more steam, fueling fodder for this unique spiritual party! I went back to the cellar, switched on the humming air-conditioner and pulled out the laptop.
Finally when I left office close to an hour later, probably the last person to leave office, it was still drizzling. Devoid of any protective gears, I had to venture right into the rain. This time my mind would have been more than happy in spite of my body’s discernable discomfiture. As I walked back home, jumping over the mini-lakes, I felt happy that the day which started in the red ended in the green – both from the Nature’s as well as my personal perspectives (to be explored in my later posts)!

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