Monday, May 04, 2009

Photos speak volumes...

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, hope your are doing good. I had had my "experience of a lifetime" yesterday at Ramoji Film City, here in Hyderabad. I took somewhere around hundred plus photos. But only two stood out, and I want to show you those couple. Here goes the first:

Well, the above photo was taken near the exit of Kripalu Cave set at Ramoji Film City. Look at the children relishing ice cream cones. Look at their faces. Everybody is sporting a separate expression, which is the reflection of the thoughts crossing over their nascent minds. I leave it to you to explore this mesmerizing photo! And here's the other one:

The above photo was shot in front of the Hawamahal set at Ramoji Film City. In this picture again, see how the two little differently dressed colorful girls are engrossed probably in different objects but still holding each others' hands. This hand-holding is much required in today's time between people, between countries however different or unrelated they might be! Good symbolism. Isn't it?

The good thing about the photos are that the subjects did not realize that the they were being shot, and that's why they look so natural - and that is the essence of a photograph!

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