Monday, May 11, 2009

When a friend leaves...

Hmm...when a friend of many years snaps the sacred thread of friendship, it hurts. Yesterday I realized this while walking along the beautifully bedecked aisles of the NTR garden here in Hyderabad. It was a lazy day; I slept a lot after long time; didn't do anything laborious but still I felt exhausted, lifeless. Then I realized that I had lost a friend. Friends mean a lot to me. I can't make new friends easily. And hence, I do not wish to lose them easily either. It was a great setback. To give shape to my somber mood I took some snaps of faint lights, failing to illuminate the surroundings sufficiently. I like to show you a collage of those photos, here:

But as I moved on from desert garden to fruit restaurant to Machan tree and Pradeep continued to tease me I felt somewhat better. As we came to the other end of the park, I can not but be mesmerized at the sight of this beautiful light spiral:

We came out of the crowded park and climbed the foot-bridge to cross the road only to come across a cluster of red lights crawling towards some distant corner of the city. Here's what I mean:

I did my best to piggyback my pain on those swarm of cars. I hoped that my friend would come-back and there would be a new beginning. After all, the excessively illuminated Eat Street is beckoning - I have to move on:

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