Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarod Maestro Rajib Chakroborty’s Special Class on Creativity at IIM Calcutta

Last week the renowned Sarod player Rajib Chakroborty visited our campus to take a special class for the course Management, Culture and Creativity. He played a beautiful morning raga (jonpuri) to start with. Then we talked about how to cultivate creativity and how music can play a role to budding managers like us. What he told is listed below in brief.

  • Music can be looked into as an instrument to stimulate our mind so that we can concentrate better at whatever we do, it pacifies mind and help de-stressing and so on.
  • The other dimension is to look at the music itself. He suggested finding out which music works well with oneself in terms of stimulants, for example for some one western rock and jazz might find favor whereas some might like Indian classic music. Next to invest in that kind of music to optimize the benefit.
  • One should not be bogged down by grammar. Sometimes one has to transcend that to be really creative. That is we might have to come out of the given traditional framework to innovate.
  • Delving into diverse disciplines help coming up with new creative ideas.
  • Solitude is required to come out with creative ideas.
  • You need courage to put forth your idea and implement it even in the presence of resistance.
Finally he concluded by playing popular piece on his instrument.

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