Sunday, August 09, 2009

THOUGHT - a wonderful tool in our disposal

I was watching a YouTube video of the noted philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthy giving a talk in Washington in 1985 or ’86. He was talking about thought and time, which are reasons behind our fear. I was ‘thinking’ over this and have discovered what a very important aspect of our life he was talking about –thought. Thought is the root of all our miseries and happiness, fear and courage, success and failure and every other duality we encounter in our life. What a tremendously powerful concept is this thought. Just imagine. It is the secret of everything. This is the Holy Grail. And it is inside us and in our control. The way you think the way you perceive all other experiences. If you want to be happy you will be. If you think you won’t think of past sorrows and other hurt-feelings you can do easily as long as you resolve not to think of it. You think you want to be successful, you focus all your actions towards your goal and eventually you become successful. You think you will look at this world in a particular way, and you see them as you wanted. It’s instant. It’s tangible. It’s obvious. Still we forget. When in deep sorrow, we run hither and thither to alleviate it, without realizing that the potion is within us.

I use to think that the gurus, spiritual leaders are nonsense. They preach what we already know and rather should know. It is obvious. So why go to them? Why waste time attending their captivating seminars. But now I realized that they have a role to play. We humans forget things very fast – more when it comes to things more sophisticated like the mind and the soul. We need to be reminded of the softer sides of us and the self, which get lost in the day to day toil over material things. The spiritual leaders perform this role of reminding us our inherent wealth and values.

Coming back to thought, it is how you control it which determines your state of mind and the state of mind determines your activities and their quality. When you control your thought stream you become peaceful. You clearly and vividly and objectively see the world. You indentify yourself with the God. You control yourself. You and the God are no more separate. You no more seek favor from God, you do not pray to God for success, you pray to yourself. You tell yourself to move on, to march forward, and to slow down. You feel the whole beings within you. You identify with every entity of the world. You intuitively understand every problem. It’s the ultimate moment – the purest of the pure, happier than the happiest – a moment of truth.

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