Monday, April 19, 2010

How I connected to Internet using GPRS over Bluetooth Link

I bought a tiny Bluetooth adapter for my laptop day before yesterday (my laptop being more than 4 years old does not come with the in-built Bluetooth functionality!). Also, I activated a GPRS plan from my service provide in my mobile. What I intended to do was to connect to internet from my laptop using the mobile GPRS connection over the Bluetooth link between my laptop and mobile. My mobile is Nokia N90, which I bought in 2006 for 30000 INR ($650).
I had Nokia PC Suite installed in my laptop. After pairing the phone with the laptop, I tried to connect to the internet using PC Suite’s One Touch Access. But, whenever I tried to connect, it just said ‘Disconnected’, without even trying to dial in. I tried choosing my operator from the list as well as configuring the connection manually by providing the access point but of no avail. I thought there might be some problem with the Bluetooth radio. So I connected the phone using USB cable. But I kept on getting the same error. After searching the Help for possible reason, I came across a note which asked to create a data connection from the Network Places in Windows XP
(I have XP Home). I tried to do that only to get a new error (Error 711). On looking up the error, I got the info that either Plug & Play or Remote Connection Manager Services are not started. I checked the Services in System Configuration Utility (msconfig) and found both of them were Enabled. Next, going to Services (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services) I found that Remote Connection Manager is Stopped. When I tried to Start it, I got another error – mentioning that another service on which Remote Connection Manager is dependant on was not running. I found that the said service is Telephony! So I started Telephony and then Remote Connection Manager and voila! I am connected to the internet.

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