Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chariots of Gods

I just finished reading the book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Erich Anton von Däniken. In the book, written in 1968, the author claims that the human history was influenced by extraterrestrial (people from other planets) intelligent lives in the distant past and he gives numerous examples of unexplained things on earth to justify his claim. According to him, our Gods might be the people from other planets in the universe with enormous powers, whom our ancestors worshipped.

In Tiahuanaco (also called Tiwanaku), Bolivia there are peculiar stone technology estimated to be 17000 years old. The giant structures like the Gate of the Sun with accurate workmanships are a wonder. It’s hard to believe that they are handiwork of the human beings of that age. The legend says a golden spaceship from the stars came to the city of Tiahuanaco. A woman with four webbed fingers, called Oryana, came in it and gave birth to 70 earth children before returning to the stars. In fact, there are rock drawings of beings with four fingers at Tiahuanaco. [In many other manuscripts there are mentions of the fact that ‘Gods’ or extraterrestrials had interbred with the humans.]
Sumerian mythology and some Akkadian tablets and pictures provide information about Sumerian ‘Gods’. The remarkable thing about the gods is that they are not anthropomorphic (human like) and are connected to stars (as we draw them today) circled by planets of various sizes. The author asks how the Sumerians knew that fixed stars have planets around them without possessing modern observation technology!
In the mountainous Asian region of Kohistan there are cave drawings which reproduce exact position of the stars as they were 10000 years ago. Ornaments of smelted platinum were found in the Peruvian plateau. Ancient electric dry batteries are in display in Bagdad museum. In Egypt and Iraq there were finds of cut crystal lenses which today can only be made using cesium oxide produced by electro-chemical processes. Cave drawings in France, North America, Sahara, Peru, Chile and other countries show unfamiliar beings with space suit like attires. The Mayas were intelligent and developed culture. They left behind not only fabulous calendars but also incredible calculations. The mythology of the Eskimos says the first tribes were brought to the North by ‘gods’ with brazen wings. In Ramayana, there are mentions of Vimanas or flying machines. Mahabharata mentions that Kunti had a son by the Sun.
How the Egyptians carried the enormous stone blocks to build the pyramids as they did not have horses and carts and not even wooden rollers! The author asks - is it a coincidence that that a meridian running through the pyramids divides the continents and oceans into exactly two halves? Or is it a coincidence that the area of the base of the pyramid divided by twice the height gives the celebrated figure Pi = 3.14159?
The author gives many such curious facts in the book. As man becomes more advanced, he might set foot on another planet in another star system. If that planet is in early stage of evolution, the primitive people will be awed by the arrival of the human beings with superior technologies. The primitives will highly worship the human beings as gods from the stars. Similar thing might have happened to us as well!
The author finally concludes by saying that, our scientists, along with searching for signs of other intelligent beings in the universe, should also closely analyze the mysteries of the earth. They might find a clue.


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