Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is the number of senior citizens increasing?

Is the number of senior citizens increasing in ‘young’ India? Or are they becoming more aware of the rights and benefits available to them? Because, for the last few months I am observing the following: whenever I travel by public buses and sit on a vacant seat reserved for the senior citizens, some fellow of my father’s age come and rightfully claim their seats!!! :) May be they are travelling more now than ever?

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  1. Yes absolutely right!
    According to the population projection (India) 2001 the elderly population is on rise and is projected to be around 10 crore in 2011 from around 7 crore which also poses multiple challenge to a developing country like India.
    Moreover the 2007 enactment of senior citizens provide security to old age people. In this lieu
    I think the mobility of elderly people and proper utilization of senior citizen rights is a good sign of hope.