Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The More You Have The More Concerned You Are: A Simple Example

They say more money results in more worry. The more (assets) you possess the more concerned you are about their protection if not appreciation in their value. Well, these wise sayings are not only valid for money-matters. In small incidents of our daily life this is quite evident. You travel wearing a precious jewelry or carrying a costly gadget say, your iPhone in public places and you are constantly vigilant not to lose them. You have property and you are worried that somebody might encroach on it. You have gold ornaments at home and you are scared to go out keeping the room locked. You have a high designation in office and you are constantly trying to live up to it if not to move-up.

In this context, I’ll narrate a simple incident. I travel between Kolkata and my native place by public bus. The journey of about 100 Kilometers takes around 2 hours thanks to the National Highway built under Golden Quadrilateral project. The buses generally are crowded and unless you buy the ticket beforehand (sometimes almost a week ago), it’s highly unlikely that you will get a seat after boarding. Hence, I, ninety nine percent of the time, buy the ticket well in advance. But during my last travel I didn’t have a pre-booked ticket!

When I have the ticket I am anxious to board the right bus (there are many similar looking buses on different routes) at that particular time, find the right seat (and I hope that a young lady sits on the seat beside me)! But, when I don’t have the ticket, I am not worried. I know that if I miss the 7.10 bus I will catch the 7.45 one. As I don’t have a seat, I board patiently. In other words, I feel lot less stressed. (I have to stand for the next two hours though – but more calorie burns while standing than while sitting!).

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