Friday, December 10, 2010

Movie Review: Planet of the Apes

I was watching the movie ‘Planet of the apes’ tonight. Here is the story in brief:

Three US astronauts after travelling for almost 2000 earth years in a spacecraft crash lands in a planet 300 light years away. They found that a portion of the planet is habitable but apes rule there. Humans are primitive and couldn’t speak. The apes treat them as beasts and use them for experiments. The humans along with the three newly arrived astronauts are attacked and captured by the ape soldiers. One of the astronauts dies in the fight. One is operated upon in the brain while in captivity and made voiceless. Ultimately, the third astronaut, Mr. Taylor, breaks free with the help of a researcher couple, who try to prove that men were there before the ape. Mr. Taylor takes Dr. Zaius, Minister of Science and Chief Defender of Faith of the ape civilization, hostage and set for the forbidden land(other part of the planet). But Dr. Zaius knew all along about the humans and there destructive nature. He lets Taylor go and says that ‘He will find his destiny’. After riding along the coast on horseback for some time, Taylor sees the wrecked Statue of Liberty. He understands that he has reached earth only (2000 years later) and breaks down with laments.

Wonderful concept!

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