Friday, December 31, 2010

Transitioning to the next decade

Essentially time is continuous. It started 13.7 billion earth years ago, that is if you buy the Big Bang theory! But we humans measure it in days and decades for our convenience. Today is the last day of the first decade of the twenty first century. The papers and magazines are as full of reports of remarkable events of the past year and the decade as predictions for the future years. But how the lives of us, the early Generation Ys (born around 1980s), will be different in the next decade?
We spent almost half of the last decade in higher studies. We came out of high schools around the beginning of the century. We enrolled for degree courses which took 3 to 4 years. Some of us also pursued post graduation courses. The bygone decade marked the end of our student lives!
And it marked the beginning of our work lives. Many of us lapped up jobs in the booming corporate sector. Some took up less-paying yet safe and secure government jobs, for example, teaching in schools and colleges. A few of us went into hard core research in different disciplines. Some of us were a bit experimental and switched jobs a few times. We took risks in whatever we did.
In the last decade we fell in love or our love matured. Some of us got married too. Others will get married within the next few years of the coming decade, marking the beginning of the family lives. Those of us who are yet to buy a house or a car will do so and settle down. In the next decade we will mother or father our first and/or second kids. We will have more responsibility. Our risk taking tendency will come down.
In the next decade, we will be in the next phase of our career. Most of us will be in the lower middle/middle management positions. Our work related responsibilities will also increase. We will experiment less and work longer in a single company.
Our parents will either retire from their jobs or will be a few years in their retirements. They took care of us in the last decade. In this decade we have to take care of them.
In other words, we are in the middle of a transition. The next decade will be a lot different than the earlier one. Let’s look forward to it.
Wish all the readers a very happy and exciting twenty eleven. Have a blast tonight!

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