Monday, January 17, 2011

Ditch New Years Resolution Day

Somebody put up the Facebook status message proclaiming that today, 17 Jan, is the ‘Ditch New Years Resolution Day’!!! Well, most of us come-up with a laundry list of resolutions on the New Years Eve but ultimately ditch them sometime during the year marking them as unachievable. Some of the common broken New Year resolutions are losing weight, quitting smoking, learning something new, saving money, spending time with loved ones, traveling to some new places, drinking less etc. But why can’t we keep our promises?

We come up with resolutions because we want to relive our past and correct our mistakes and guilt. We see the New Year as another opportunity to achieve what we could not or did not in the bygone year.

But in our enthusiasm, we stress on ‘what’s and forget ‘how’s. We resolve to lose weight but do not think much about the rigor of hitting the gym, sweating on the treadmill or cutting on the junk foods. We resolve to visit a new place but forget about the financial planning. We plan to spend time with loved ones but do not consider the increasing work load we are going have in the year ahead. We sincerely believe that somehow we will manage. And we have a year - 365 days. But, when the year ends we find to our surprise and disgust that we have only met 10-15% of our resolutions. And it goes on year after year after year.

There are certain types (of people) who give a damn to resolutions and accept life as it comes! They don’t make lengthy plans. They are blessed. Some are fed up with broken New Year resolutions and no more do it. The rest still have hopes and they come up with their resolutions diligently every year. Some tips for them to make at least half of their resolutions met:
  • Write your resolutions.
  • Think through each and find out if they are at all achievable. If not, discard.
  • Prioritize them.
  • For each resolution, make an action plan and prepare a schedule.
  • Check progress at the end of each month.
  • Disclose your resolutions to your close friend (s) and ask them to check with you regularly.
In other words, take a typical professional “(self) appraisal” approach (with monthly review)! These might help reduce ditched resolutions.

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