Monday, March 07, 2011


Possessions can make life difficult, particularly when you have to move with them. I learnt this firsthand as I shifted to a new apartment yesterday. This was my fifth or sixth move in the last ten years. Earlier, I didn’t have much of a luggage. Changing address was as simple as picking up two trolleys, dumping them in the dickey of a taxi and unpacking them in the new place within twenty minutes! But over the years, one by one my possessions increased - a TV set, a steel almirah, a refrigerator, gas oven and cylinder, mattress, tables and chairs – so on and so forth and accordingly increased the difficulty of changing homes. Now, I need to hire a truck and laborers. I need to pack, load, accompany, unload and unpack so many of my ‘assets’ (or liabilities?). It takes enormous amount of effort and energy. After yesterday’s whole day of toil, my limbs felt numb when I finally managed to go to sleep. 

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