Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emotion in the IT hubs

I was walking into my office yesterday afternoon after visiting a bank.  A few feet away from the gate, I spotted a girl crying inconsolably on the phone hiding herself behind a telephone pole on the pavement. A few tear-soaked words which I could hear gave the vague indication that the emotional outburst was over a relationship. 

Earlier in the day while I was waiting for the lift in one of our office buildings, I overheard a (probably married) lady standing at a corner of the corridor arguing with her husband (or fiance) about who's to do what.

A few months ago I was waiting for the bus in front my office and witnessed another 'drama'. A boy, apparently angered by the girl's conduct, rained handful of hard words on her. She kept silent and sobbed and after a while got on a bus. The boy initially walked away and then ran and got on the same bus!

Very often, both inside and outside my office, I see these 'dramas' playing out. (I was one of the participants in these dramas few years back!) The IT hubs of the metros are full of young working boys and girls. Their work demands long and odd hours. Many of these young fellas find it difficult to handle their personal lives and relationships. The rigor of their profession robs them of the niceties of life. They are impatient, easily angered which make them abusive at times.

A few counseling companies have seen good business opportunities in helping these distressed souls. One such company, with which our company partners with is https://1to1help.net/. I am not sure how many people will be wanting to avail of this service, but I foresee many IT companies and call centers turning to the professional counselors to help out their employees.

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