Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another dimension of human evolution

We burnt up half of the fossil fuel and then realized that it was in short supply. The realization gave rise to a new business opportunity - producing renewable energy. A substantial portion of the power sector is now after solar, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear energy. 

We manufactured CFC releasing refrigerators and products producing greenhouse gases and then realized that the radiation reducing ozone layer had been depleted. This again gave rise to a business opportunity to market energy efficient environment friendly green products. 

We cut down forests after forests and built fantastic concrete cities and then realized that the global temperature and the oceans' water levels are rising. This again gave rise to a business opportunity for NGOs and Governments to spend millions of dollars on climate change conferences and celebrating World Environment Day, World Ocean's Day and many more such days.

We get hooked to smoking and then realize it's bad and organize anti-tobacco campaigns. We thoughtlessly kill animals and then try to preserve the species from extinction by building sanctuaries and  reserved forests. We produce heap of hazardous materials and then think of recycling. We make nuclear bombs and then worry about nuke safety. 

On a personal level we act and then worry whether we should have acted in that way. We take wrong steps and then suffer from guilt and distress and seek help. This again give rise to business opportunity for the emerging counseling companies.

Being the most intellectual habitants on this planet we are the first to discover, to make nice things and to act. But soon we realize that not everything is allright. We try to mend things using our ingenuity. We re-discover, re-make and re-act. Probably this is another dimension of human evolution!

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