Thursday, June 16, 2011

Example of an efficient social media communicaton

I am a long time Standard Chartered bank customer. A couple of days back I found out from the bank's net banking website that they had launched a mobile banking microsite. The mobile banking facility can also be availed from Android phones using the App called 'Breeze India', available in the Android Market. The equivalent App for iPhones would come shortly. I was delighted at the prospect of using the App on my HTC Wildfire Android phone.

But when I tried to download the App from the Android market, I was surprised to find that the App was not supported on my phone. After some research I hit upon the root cause - though my phone had the latest version of the OS, the processor was a meagre 528 MHz while the App required 1 GHz speed processor! A banking App requires 1 GHz! Generally graphics intensive games require such high speed processors. I was very frustrated.

I was angry and thought of broadcasting a social media message highlighting the absurdity, hoping that the bank might see my message and do something. I searched Twitter and interestingly found an account of Standard Chartered Breeze (@StanChartBreeze). So I twitted the following:

"@StanChartBreeze :Breeze India not running on my HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2.1(!Why require 1 GHz CPU for this App?"

On the next day, I got the following Tweet in reply -

"@aviksaha Since Breeze is a rich mobile app it needs a bit more power to perform properly; we're looking at how we can bring it to everyone!"

I can't but appreciate the bank's social media savviness. This highlights the new customer-company communication paradigm.


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