Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Inspired

"Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama

Everyday Pravs J sends its subscribers (yours truly is one of them) an inspirational message. [Now a days they are a bit erratic, though]. Recently, Lord Richard Layard, professor of Economics at LSE and his co-founders created a movement called Action for Happiness in UK.  Its members try to create more happiness in the world and less misery - at home, at work, within their community - through the way they approach their lives. The website mentions following 10 things as keys to happiness - 

Daily Word from Unity, which however borders on God and Divinity, is another website that sends its members regular inspirational messages. A printed monthly magazine called Wisdom, published from Chennai, India carries inspirational messages on every page.

Do people subscribe to these free websites? Are the messages delivered everyday to their mailbox helpful? The inspirational messages are very simple and already known to us. For example, read the message below - 

Indeed! Every moment, minute and month that go by, go by forever from our lives. Hence, it's imperative that we live and enjoy every instant. The message with a nice background graphic leaves a lasting impact on the reader. In the morning, just before you are to start a hectic day, such a message gives you enthusiasm to face it boldly. Or in the evening, exhausted from the day's toil, when you see this message, it rejuvenates you and motivates you to engage with the family. 

There are many things we know and we were told at our childhoods. But we put these 'less important' soft knowledge on the back burner. We look for happiness without realizing what makes us sad. We accumulate wealth and postpone living a good life. We need somebody to regularly remind us who we are!

Today, as we either don't believe in religion or don't have time to visit our respective places of worship,  and as we spend substantial amount of time online, these daily inspirational messages from a handful of websites go a long way in soothing our souls at the time of distress.


  1. True!!!!! We forget so fast and the inspiration does not persist too long too. We need little inspiration and reminder everyday :)

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