Sunday, June 12, 2011

Troubled Teens

Today's teenagers are ahead of their ages. Thanks to TV, mobile and internet, teenagers of even small towns and prosperous villages know more than what their parents knew at that age. They challenge the grown-ups in knowledge and skills. Most of us were introduced to mobiles and computers in colleges. But now a child is born to parents with mobile phones and if she is lucky, in a home with a modern computer! Parents are now more conscious about wholesome education and development of their children. They encourage the kids to participate in extracurricular activities and competitions. The result - smart, educated and suave teenagers. So far so good.

Teenagers face myriad problems due to physical and hormonal changes. Teens are in a complex stage when they become aware of their responsibilities as well as their shortcomings. According to psychologist Erik Erikson, at this stage of life, adolescents suffer from identity crisis. But now a days, the teenagers seem more peeved. They easily get angered and argue with the aged. They boast of their superior knowledge and do not pay due respect to elders. They display attitude.

Well, there are exceptions. But now a days we come across many teens who behave inappropriately in social encounters. The trigger for this article is what I saw today evening - a teenage girl and her teenage brother heatedly arguing with a middle aged woman over traveling with a puppy. All were co-passengers of a state government bus. The teenagers were to travel with their puppy to which the woman objected (later the bus conductor and other passengers also objected siting safety concerns and rules which prohibit carrying animals in pubic vehicles). The duo with sharp tongues quarreled with the woman in the foulest manner possible. Once I overheard the girl saying, "Aunty, you don't know the law". The aunty appeared to be a well educated woman.

May be these teens, who are smart yet lacking confidence, need some guidance in order to imbibe humility in them. The parents and teachers are the best persons to do it.


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