Wednesday, October 05, 2011

If 2012 be the last year!

The Mayan had predicted it. There are lots of doomsday theories doing the round which back this up. The date given is 21st December, 2012, the winter solstice. Scientists and astronomers, however, do not see any impending calamity to cause the 'apocalypse'. They term all the apparently scientific reasoning to substantiate the 'end of the world' and New Age phenomena as pseudo-science. You can read more details at Wikipedia (2012 Phenomenon). I hope you also watched the movie - '2012'!

But what if the scientists confirm that the world is indeed going under in 2012. How would we react and behave? Read on.

Definitely, the religious minded population would throng at the temples, mosques and churches to pray to God asking Him to save themselves (as shown in many fictional earth-in-danger movies). And the atheists will indulge in consumption as (if) there is no tomorrow. People will withdraw all the money from banks and other investments and spend to satisfy their long cherished wishes and whims. The insurance contracts will be surrendered. As a result, the financial industry will no longer exist. As people will spend all their money on goods and services, inflation will be super high. But the manufacturers and providers would have no motivation to produce as the profit from the increased demand would be of no use. Therefore, people will have money but very little to buy at unthinkable prices (a wartime situation but of enormous magnitude). There will be scarcity, famine and all sorts of chaos. Schools and Colleges will close down, as there will  be no future for the children. Hospitals and clinics will stop functioning as there will be no point to treat the patients who are anyway going to die. There will be rampant crime - murdering at the slightest provocation, raping, looting - because justice and governance will lose meaning. People will be running around like 'headless chickens'. 

To borrow the financial accounting term, the world will stop being a 'going concern' or functioning indefinitely. Without a future and hope of survival, people will be clueless. The end will come much before the doomsday.

Bottom-line, even if the end is going to come in 2012, we would be better-off not knowing it!

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