Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unholy nexus of doctors and Medical Reps - Shame Dr. Soumitra Ghosh of Rittik Clinic

My wife and me went to see Dr. Soumitra Ghosh at Rittik Clinic (155A, AJC Bose Road, Entally, Sealdah, Kolkata -14) today for our recurring stomach problems. We booked an appointment earlier. We were number 13 and 14 in the patients list for the day. The doctor were to be available from 5pm to 9pm in the clinic.

We reached the clinic just after 5pm, checked our names with the compounder and got ourselves seated infront of room no. 9, soon to realize that the doctor was yet to occupy it. We waited and waited. I went out and withdrew money from a nearby ATM and came back. But the doctor was not yet in. I strolled around the clinic and the nursing home compound (the Rittik Nursing Home and the clinic are housed in the same building). I noticed Dr. Ghosh's degrees - MD, Cardiologist, Diabetologist and Chest Physician - on the board near the right side of the entrance. Dr. Soumitra Ghosh is one of Rittik's consultants.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting Godrej Interio products repaired is a pain!

Be careful when you buy a Godrej Interio product from their showroom. If you ever need to get it repaired, it would be time consuming and difficult.

We bought a Eudora Queen Box Bed in April this year from the Kestopur, VIP Roda showroom in Kolkata. Within few months one of the steel handles (which, I suppose, they call a 'nose') of the inside cabinet came out. I visited the showroom with the broken handle and told them the issue. They gave me their centralized toll-free call center number and asked me to lodge a complain.

I called up the customer service number and lodged the complain. The call center was ill-equipped. I am not sure whether they keep online records of their customers. The call center rep did not have my details and I had to tell him everything including the address. I told him about the breakage in details.

After couple of days somebody from the Godrej showroom called us to fix an appointment. We asked him to come the next Saturday as we would be at home. We expected that the person would bring a new handle and fix it. However, to our surprise, the person came and just inspected the problem. He told us that the handle would be brought from Bombay and it would take around 21 days. He asked me to sign on a form and left saying that he would give us a call again when the handle is received. The funny thing is the person recognized me as the one who went to the showroom with the broken handle earlier!

Godrej might have centralized their complaint handing and customer service but from a customer's point of view it's quite absurd and irritating to go through such a lengthy process to get a broken handle repaired.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Weekend trip to Dooars

For the last few days I was reading about taxi refusals in the newspapers. Taxi drivers in Kolkata very often readily refuse you or charge you extra if your route does not suit them. I faced it myself, not the first time though, in the evening of last to last Friday. We (Avimanyu, Manisha, Ananya, Trishit, Lahiri, Soumik, Sonali and me) were to go to Sealdah station from our offices in Salt Lake. An impromptu plan was made within the previous few weeks to have a whirlwind weekend trip to Dooars. But we had the share of trouble when you plan something on short notice. We could not get the hotel/bungalow we wanted (but the accommodation we got was not bad either as I will elaborate later). Getting rail tickets was another big challenge. We also at some point thought of booking ourselves seats in a bus, in spite of the resulting hectic and long journey. But, thanks to Avimanyu’s trick (he booked break-journey tickets in the same train), our willingness to spend quite some extra bucks to buy Tatkal tickets through an agent and finally our luck, we ultimately had confirm tickets for both up and down journeys!